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Environmental Impact Statement

You may ask...
"What's so special about DUKSBAK waterproof paper?"


Rain Forest



Let's review.
All of us at R.D. Penhall Ltd. take our environmental
stewardship very seriously.

This commitment is reflected in our products and processes.

DUKSBAK waterproof paper is 100% tree and pulp-free – which results in conservation of our forests, water and natural resources. No Ozone-threatening emissions result from the manufacturing process.

DUKSBAK is a synthetic, tear-proof paper produced from
polypropylene pellets making it 100% recyclable. DUKSBAK
can be recycled in the same manner as any other plastic product.

DUKSBAK's durability yields a product with extremely long wear
which will stay out of the waste stream longer.

In addition to being an environmentally sound choice in waterproof paper, other attributes of DUKSBAK are;

 Prints consistently and effortlessly
 Ink holds with razor-sharp precision
 Extremely durable
 Bright white

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